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MoxoAI is your one stop shop for all your AI needs. With pro tools like GPT4, Gemini, and more you can get started for free today.


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MoxoAI utilizes a self-hosted database company in the cloud. All your information is kept hidden with industry grade encryption.

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With our ai network you can explore the newest AI apps for free & When you find your favorites, you can get them all with just one click using a single account.

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If you are a creator, (desinger, founder, or anything) you can join our network and get your app / creations featured on our platform.


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Struck with an app you hate? with our Artifical Intelligence trader you'll be able to switch from one app to another, anytime with ease. Never miss out on the best apps ever again.


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With our cross platform / international technology you'll be able to use MoxoAI on any device, anywhere. Discover new applications without ever leaving your phone.

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From the beginning, We have had a transparent roadmap and we are always looking for feedback from our users.

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MoxoAI is built in the open, with a transparent and community driven roadmap

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In the realm of artificial intelligence (AI), the potential for innovation knows no bounds.

From revolutionizing industries to transforming everyday tasks, AI is reshaping the world as we know it. At the core of this transformative technology lies a plethora of possibilities waiting to be explored.

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At MoxoAI, our dedicated team stands ready to assist you every step of the way. We prioritize our community, striving to be your reliable hub for all things Artificial Intelligence and applications. Count on us for trustworthy guidance and support.

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